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  • Jazz 

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop

  • Contemporary

  • Lyrical

  • Ballet                  

  • Musical Theatre

  • Acro

  • Modern

  • POM

  • Clogging

  • Open

*any entry with 3 or more acrobatic tricks will be considered ACRO



Limitless - this level is for any dancer that may have a physical, sensory, mental disability or special needs of any kind.

Waves is proud to provide a safe space for all dancers to participate in our competition.


Intermediate - this level of competition is geared towards the dancer who is starting out in the world of competition and has 4 hours or less of studio training per week.


Competitive- this level of competition is our highest division and geared towards the dancer who takes part in 5 hours or more of weekly training. 

Judges have the right to bump up any entry they deem necessary.  Studio owners will be contacted directly on-site pending a bump from one level to the next.

All senior & adult age group entries will be competing in the competitive division.

We understand that this eliminates the novice category but we want to accomplish a few different elements common within dance competitions

  • we want our novice competitors & their families to have realistic expectations as they begin competing

  • we believe & know that you can have a positive experience while receiving constructive feedback

  • we are creating an inclusive & competitive environment where dancers, teams & families all get the opportunity to be a better dancer than they were yesterday



All performers must submit their completed registration including up to date birth certificate prior to the event. The dancer’s age category will be determined by their age as of January 1st.

  • Nuggets: 4-6

  • Mini: 7-9

  • Junior: 10-12

  • Teen: 13-15

  • Senior: 16-19

  • Adult: 20+

For Duo/trio, Groups, Lines and Production entries the average age of all dancers entered in the piece will determine the age level they are entered into. 



  • Solo 1 dancer    **Maximum of 3 solo entries per dancer, each entry in a different style

  • Duo/Trio 2-3 dancers

  • Small Group 4-9 dancers

  • Large Group 10-19 dancers

  • Line & Production 20+ dancers



  • Solo 3 minute limit

  • Duo & Trio 3 minute limit

  • Small & Large Groups 4 minute limit

  • Line 5 minute limit

  • Production longer than 5 minutes

any piece over the time limits listed above will be subject to additional charges



Studio owners can email us at to receive the entry fees.

  • Studios must be registered and paid in full 35 days prior to the event date

  • Schedules will not be released until payments have been made in full

  • Bounced check fees will be subject to a $100 fee



  • All routines are non-refundable

  • Should a dancer fall ill or have an injury, credit may be issued with a doctor's letter at the start of the event

  • Waves reserves the right to run a 1, 2, or 3 day event, contingent on the size of the event and registration

  • Competition will not begin any earlier than 4:00 PM on Friday, will not begin any earlier than 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday and will not end any later than 9:00 PM on Sunday evening

  • Entries must be submitted in completion 35 days prior to the beginning of the event and each entry received after the deadline will be subject to a $10 fee each

  • Finalized schedules and event details will be sent out one week prior to the event, at the latest

  • Schedules will not be released to studios without the payment made in full

  • Any bounced checks will be subject to a $100 fee for each returned


Doors to the dressing rooms open one hour prior to the start of the Competition and doors to the theater will open thirty minutes prior to the start of the day. 



Here at Waves Dance Competition we are unique by using a panel of four judges that each specialize in a different genre of dance but are knowledgeable across all, specifically guaranteeing a tap & hip hop judge on every panel.

We run off a point scale of 0-400, calculated through these five sets of criteria:

  • Technique 0-140 (35 points each judge)

  • Execution & Performance 0-100 (25 points each judge)

  • Choreography 0-60 (15 points each judge)

  • Musicality 0-60 (15 points each judge)

  • Costume & Appearance 0-40 (10 points each judge)



Music must be uploaded via DanceBug 72 hours (3 days) prior to the start of each event.  In addition, a USB should be on hand to be used for backup incase of any technical difficulties.


ALL music is to be edited to a clean version or the piece will be subject to point deduction escalating as high up to disqualification, if needed. 



  • Props must be fully set up onstage within one minute of the beginning of the routine and one minute to remove everything after the routine

  • Any props left behind are not the responsibility of the competition or the venue

  • All studios are responsible for the use of their own props on and off the stage

  • Dangerous props are prohibited at all times and the studio will be held responsible for them and their use

  • Studios are responsible for any damage made to the marley - $500 damage fee will assessed for each panel of marley that is damaged

  • Studios are responsible for any damage made to the facility and equipment - $500 flat fee for damage will be assessed in addition to the invoice from the venue directly provided



There is absolutely no photo and or video permitted inside the theater. We at Waves hire an amazing media team so that you are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the show to its entirety!


Photos will be made available for purchase on-site as well as after the event.  Videos are provided by our media partner DanceBug, packages and options for videos are available directly at DanceBug.

By attending Waves Dance Competition, all students, teachers, choreographers and parents are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by our Media team and grant permission to be photographed and videotaped while on stage, backstage in the wings or in the lobby of our events.  NO photography and/or videography is permitted by anyone in any dressing rooms.  This will result in the confiscation of the photos and videos and expulsion from the venue.



We will not stand for unprofessional behavior and have the right to disqualify or remove any attendee as needed.


We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.


All studio owners and teachers will have full access to assist dancers backstage as well as exclusive blocked off front row seating at every event.


By attending an event with us, participants are accepting physical risks. Attendees of all types, dancers and spectators cannot hold us responsible and/or the facility hosting the event for any and all injuries incurred at the event and/or facility.  All participants are responsible for their health, accident insurance along with any and all medical costs incurred due to injury including, but not limited to, emergency medical transportation and treatment, should the need arise.

Backstage is limited to studio owners and teachers only.  We encourage everyone to enjoy the show from the audience.

We ask that only one parent enter the dressing room per dancer to help alleviate the congestion throughout the event.


We ask that everyone be a good neighbor.  Clean up after yourself, be kind and respectful as we all share the space together.  If there are issues that arise or any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch with any of our staff to address these concerns together.



Doors to the dressing rooms open one hour prior to the start of the Competition and doors to the theater will open thirty minutes prior to the start of the day. 



  • Any level, duo and higher qualifies to re-perform

  • It is up to the judges discretion of which pieces are selected and the judging panel must decide as a group which entries move forward to re-perform

  • If the competition is longer than 1 day, there will be a Buzzer Showcase Competition each day before end of day awards

  • All Buzzer Showcase entries throughout the course of the weekend will be taken into consideration as the judges select the winner

  • Winners will be announced during the final awards ceremony



  • Dancers can sign up ahead of time or on-site for the improv competition

  • Dancers will compete against others in the same age category (levels will not be considered through this process)

  • Dancers will receive a number prior to taking the stage

  • They will be called on stage, perform to a song that is selected by the competition, and will have 45 seconds to dance and perform for the judges

  • The dancers have the choice of performing any style(s) of their choice

  • There will be a separate entry fee for all improv dancers, it can be paid on-site

  • Winners will be announced during the Final Awards Ceremony of the weekend



Diamond 372-400

Platinum 349-371.9

Gold 320-348.9

Silver 304-319.9

Bronze 290-303.9

Community Leader

Nominate a dancer from your studio about how they are making a positive impact in their community

Improvisation Winner 

Separate Improv Competition that takes place within the weekend announced during our final awards ceremony of the weekend

Studio of Excellence

Studio that represents the best attitude, sportsmanship, etiquette throughout the entire weekend in all aspects of the event

Choreographic Excellence

Judges choice of the best and most creative choreography of the weekend

Technical Excellence

Highest scoring technical score of the weekend


Entertainment Award

Judges choice of the most entertaining piece of the weekend from duo up to production size pieces


Highest Scoring Routine in Every Style

Highest scoring routine in every style per Regional event, all size routines compete against one another


Regional Tidal Champions

The Tidal Regional Champion must be in the Competitive Level to qualify and have a minimum score of 372 points (Diamond) for our Tidal championship and the judges will then collaborate unanimously to choose Regional City Winner(s)

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