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Our team of judges, instructors, partners and sponsors all play a vital role in the education of the next generation.  Our judges and instructors provide feedback, insight, guidance, technique and experience to lead the next generation.  The partners and sponsors assist in providing new opportunities around the country in a variety of genres for our dancers to continue their education and gain new experiences.  Waves dancers have the opportunities and the tools that allow them to take their training to the next level.

Our Team

These educators have joined the movement to provide valuable, insightful and constructive feedback for the next generation of dancers, performers and educators.  All backgrounds, experiences, education and cultures are combined together on balanced panels to view your dancers' performances.  Join us as we make Waves for the future.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Our partners and sponsors open doors for Waves dancers to continue their education in different environments.  Specialized training opportunities around the country led by some of the best within the industry.  In addition to all of this these partners and sponsors fill the gap between education in and out of the classroom.  All playing a vital role in assisting our dancers take the next step as they consider the professional dance world.

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